BornBare Sphynx

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HCM scan clear - 2016

Perry is an amazing boy.

 2017 All breeds reserve cat of the year

2017 sphynx cat of the year


Entire shorthair cat of the year

Perry will be scanned early January and if all clear will sire his first litter.

Senzacapelli Capone - Canadian Import

HCM scan clear - June 2013

HCM Scan clear - July 2014

HCM scan clear - July 2015

HCM scan clear - February 2017

Capone is the Farbio of the breeding program.  He is a lover not a fighter and gentle with the girls. 

Capone sadly passed away after having a dental extraction in early April 2017.

Future Sire

Strip Jack Naked - USA Import

HCM Negative  2015

HCM Negative - 2016

HCM negative _ 2017

Jack was with us for a very short time and fathered a beautiful boy Perry.

Jack will of course continue his annual scans