BornBare Sphynx

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Esfingemx Buttercup - USA import

HCM clear 2012

HCM clear 2013

HCM clear 2014

HCM clear 2016

Currently taking a well earned break from breeding for the next 12 months.  She will continually be scanned and shown with updates to be posted.

Sphynxstar Scribilicious

HCM clear 2012

HCM clear 2013

HCM clear 2014

HCM clear 2015

HCM clear 2016

HCM clear 2017

Scribs is now retired and living in a pet home. She will continue her annual scanning.

Cynosure Scantilly Clad

HCM scan clear - July 2014

HCM scan clear - March 2016

Tilly is now in NZ and producing beautiful kittens. Her scanning will continue.

Lucky I'm Bornbare Down There

HCM Scan Negative - July 2017

Bubbles will have her first litter at the end of the year.

Photo coming soon

Future Queens